Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to Brighton

Rode Brighton with some homeys from Blindside and Milo Provo.. So Much fun , Lots of sun and the snow wasn't to bad
for the bad winter that I've heard Utah has been having. Jeremy Jones stopped by and took some laps, and stepped up to a sick 50 - 50 on a mean rail in the park. Brighton is a cool resort, and has such great snowboard terrain. We ended the day with the mandatory Lone Star Taco Feast.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

jibber Jeremy in Backcountry

Went out in the Backcountry in Tahoe with Jeremy Jones ( Burton) . Jeremy has had a bad ankle this winter cause he's been hitting the streets pretty hard as always. I told him i would take him to some spots I know about in Tahoe and hopefully he can get some clips for the people Movie. Jeremy had a great day,,, I think he got like 4-5 shots in the first day,, that usually doesn't happen. The dude can snowboard that's for sure. If I can teach jeremy only one of the many things Craig Kelly tought me, I'd be stoked. Keep it up Jones..

Friday, March 12, 2010

funny boy

Everyone from Analog went up to Bear Mt for a day of shredding. I was assigned to drive up my buddy Benji Weatherly, who is a pro surfer-comedian. Every time i hang out with Benji my stomach hurts like i've been doing 1,000 situps cause i've been laughing so hard. Benji loves doing tindys when he snowboards. He thinks its a cool grab. I'll let him believe what he wants, as long as he doesn't make fun of my cutback.