Friday, April 15, 2016

Family Backcountry day

I'm so stoked my kids are old enough to take out in the Backcountry and enjoy the type of snowboarding i love to do away from the resorts.


easy to double the little guys 

Building a little Cheese Wedge 

Kevin Jones would hit this thing :-) 

Wet hands 

Little Method for Dillon 

Logan Pow slash 

Kurt Heine would be proud 

US OPEN 2016

This year I took a road trip to Vail, Colorado for the US OPEN.   My wife "Shannon Dunn" hasn't been to a US OPEN in a long time.  She used to really dominate the Halfpipe back in those days.  It was cool for her to see how Vail and Burton really have upped the Ante with the Event and have made it the Favorite event for the riders.   The riders are really taken care of and its a really mellow scene with people poaching the pipe and just having a good time.  My Kids were tripping out watching Shaun in the pipe go 25+feet out.   We also had some good Retailers from around the Country there to enjoy the scene.  Good times in Vail
Turtle Bus

OLD Burton Team members,  Downing,Brushie,Curtes

Taking Retailer group on Minturn Mile ,  Tradition


Shaun was going off

Shannon and Tricia Bynes
Dad following Dillon