Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Analog "Huckyourself event" at Bear Mt

my boys came up with me to help judge 

winner of 15 and under 

Dewy taking notes 

frontboard on the down rail 

Chick getting after the down rail 

polejam to box 

people getting hammered at the bar 

the scene 

Womens winners 

15 and under winners 

over 16 Winners 

Another solid Analog Event up at Big Bear this past Weekend.  Sun was out and the slushy snow was so much fun.  There were about 60 kids that showed up for the event which was held right down at "the Scene " near the Bar/Deck.  There were tons of people chilling and drinking , checking out the Action and getting their Bronze on.  So many good jibbers in this event,  by far the most talent i've seen at one of these over the last 4 years.  Canadians, Euros, and even a shredder from Russia that made the Finals.  Girls and the under 15 kids were ripping as well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


New Family Tree Landlord split board from Burton Snowboards,  Spark R&D Afterburner bindings, AK outerwear and some good snow over last weekend in Lake Tahoe , Ca

Split from Dave Downing on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

US Open

US Open at Vail, Colorado.   I've been to many US opens and to be at the Vail Open and see the energy and the progression of snowboarding was awesome.  The Pipe was incredible.  I used to ride in the Open pipe at Stratton and at the time it was the best pipe ever,  but to see the perfection of this 22 foot pipe at vail with not a snowflake out of place was really incredible.  Riding Powder with some awesome people and then getting to stand on the Deck and watch Shaun fly over my head made for an amazing weekend.  Thanks Jake for the Epic event. 
So Extreme 

snowy Lift ride 

packed Gondola with Coffee :-)

about to drop into the Minturn Mile 

Shaun, Jake , Donna 

snow was awesome 

again, the snow was awesome :-) 

Shaun launching over Alex Andrews, ( No shirt needed ) 

Ayumu Hirano is the best 14 year old ive ever seen 


Jeff Anderson is burned into my heart.  I started riding with Billy and Jeffy in 1990 when i first started snowboarding.  I was already 21 years old and they were both these little kids just ripping around Mammoth Mt.  We would hit these jumps on the side of the runs and the ski patrol would give us a hard time for "jumping" .   The Raw style of Jeff was something that was like Art.  
This year was the 1st Annual JLA banked event at Mammoth.   Billy Anderson and Jane ( Jeffys mommy ) put on such an amazing event.  150 people showed up to celebrate such an amazing person as Jeff Anderson.  I was very proud to take my boys there and witness the true passion for snowboarding.

the Gathering 

Danny Davis 

Billy about to drop in for his Bro!

Billy and Jane 

Billy giving a speech that made me cry 

Brock Crouch won the 16 and Under 

Kelly Clark won the Womens 

Scott Blum win the Mens 

Dillon working on his Frontboards like Jeffy 

Logan/ Dillon with Pat Moore,Gigi,Seth Huot,Billy 

Gigi won a jeffy painting , and was stoked