Wednesday, December 28, 2011

boards X 3

Jussi trying to figure out what board to ride at Mt High 

Jussi is a Beast 

Chairlift photo 

Brent "Fudo" from Active 

Jussi rips on a skateboard 

He skates Goofy, so this is switch? 

Walking down to Trestles 

Had a great day with Jussi here in California.  Jussi just got on Active and they wanted to do a Day in the Life video.  We went Snowboarding at Mt High in the morning , then went to the Active HQ and skateboarded and had some Mexi food,  then finished up the day with a Surf at Upper Trestles.  Pretty much a perfect day in Cali.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Burton Global Sales Meeting

Burton Sales Meeting in Alberg Austria.  Flew into Zurich and took the train to Alberg.  When we arrived there wasn't any snow, i mean just grass showing on the mountains.  The Meetings went well and the new 2013 Burton lineup is looking amazing that's for sure.  The Second day we were there it started snowing and we ended up getting like 3 feet easily and the Mountain opened up.  It was a really fun day riding Powder there on the Root 48.  That Board freaks me out every time i ride it,  I've been waiting for it to fail on me, but it hasn't yet.   Maybe it will when i take it up to AK in April.
Jake should be pretty proud of the group that was there representing the Burton Brands from around the Globe.    Good People.

Trainride from Zurich to Alberg 

Stage Setup 

Terje and his Quiver


Me and Greg D 

Morning look from Hotel 


Lineup at the Gondola 

St Anton 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bear Mt.

The Spaceship 

Don Le and Analog posse 

Hit up 


People having fun 

air view of the Spaceship

notice the 3 stars... Loc Status :-)
First day up at Bear Mt this year.  This is where i started snowboarding in 1990 and while it has changed over the years, it still remains the best skatepark on the snow ever.  Its incredible what they do with limited snow and limited terrain.  It is so fun to snowboard there.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Loveland Pass demo 2011

Had two great days at the on-snow demo at Loveland Pass Colorado. It was pretty cold for this California kid, but it was great to be on snow with good people and having fun.  I even got to see my good buddy DCP,  Miss seeing that guy on snow for sure.  Looking forward to a good winter.

photos of opening weekend at Mammoth

Some photos of opening weekend at Mammoth Mountain

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mammoth opening weekend

Mammoth opening weekend with my family.   We came up to do a Kids photoshoot with Gabe ( Burton Photographer. )  It is amazing to be able to ride with my family.  Kids are able to get on the chairlift by themselves, and buckle into their bindings.  The snow was nice and fluffy.  Good way to start the winter.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter is coming

Jussi and Frankie

Brad and the SFO crew

snowboard Chicks

surfside sports

Come buy a snowboard from me

Analog Gang


Burton Events,, Last Few weeks people here in So Cal are getting ready for winter.  Shops are having some good events to get people stoked on the winter.  But nothing gets people more amped than cold mornings, and snow in the mountains.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Surfride Demo at Seaside

Fred Rubble

Ronnie Slinging a MotorBoat 

Grom amped 

The Rig 


Good Rights at Parkinglots


dude, What's up with the Tail ? 

Big Demo at Seaside Reef ,  All Brands were there getting people on boards so there was no shortage of people in the water.  Waves looked fun if you didn't get run over.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Super Clinic Salt Lake City

Great turnout for the Super Clinic in Salt Lake City, 60+  people learning from the product managers from Burton.  Kids had a good time also with a little skate session after.