Monday, January 27, 2014

Japan 2014

I just want to say "I Love Japan".  The People ,culture, and especially the snow and Mountains.   I went over to Japan this year to Visit Burton Japan trade show and Talk some product with the Japanese Retailers.   I also was very lucky to get to go up to a local Resort and get some seriously good snow.  It continues to blow me away that people there don't ride in the Trees.   You can go up at 3 pm in the Afternoon and find all the Pow Pow you want.   Untracked Tree Riding in Japan is some of the best in the World.  I Rode the Landlord 59 for the first day,  then switched to the Pile Driver 40 and was absolutely blown away with that board.  It is made for riding the trees in Pow.

Good morning Tokyo

Soccer on the Roof 

Burton Tradeshow

Jimmy rules !

can't help myself 

Fresh pow under the lift always

Family members



Pile Driver 140cm 


everyone is happy 

I'm Very Happy 

every run looks like this

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bear Mountain

I have had some super fun days up at Bear Mountain this year, even though its one of the worst snow winters in California,  This is actually the 3rd meager snow winter in a row.  Bear Mountain is incredible at making the most out of nothing.  The Park Crew headed up by Clayton Shoemaker is 1st class and the amount of effort they put into making super fun terrain is second to none.  The way they make their park is so different than most ski resorts that put everything in a line,  Bear Mountain is more like a Skatepark, with banks and trannies all over the place.  I love it, and am proud to say I've had a pass there for 23 years.   Burton had a "party in your park" event there and my kids entered it, that was super classic.  I hope they take after my wife in the competitive department.   I also had a incredible reunion day with Mike Parillo (first ever park builder) and Brian Thien.  Both of these guys were at Bear the first year i started riding, and have been a huge influence for me over the years.
Thanks Big Bear Mountain Resorts. :-)

Logan and Dillon 

Dillon locking into a Press 

Contest scene 

Logan is stoked 

boys after the event 

Me, Mike Parillo, and Brian Thien

original Outlaw Mike Parillo