Monday, September 23, 2013

Hot Dogs and Handrails

I Had the pleasure of Judging the Hot Dogs and Handrails event at Bear Mountain.   JP walker, Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton, Chris Bradshaw and myself got to watch some amazing young shredders destroy the 10th annual course that Bear Mt setup.  I was expecting to see a bunch of flips onto rails and stuff like that, but what I saw was some serious tech snowboarding on rails.  Tommy Gesme won with some really solid rail riding.  There was a huge crowd that turned out to get the Season started.

Snowing in Big Bear Ca, Sept 21

Tech jibbers, JP and Bradshaw



Monday, September 16, 2013


My trip to "the Block" event in Denver.  Its a big Kickoff of the snowboarding season in Colorado,  Lots of shredders get together for Music and all the snowboard movies.  I was lucky enough to roll around with Jeremy Jones, Jussi, and Mikey Rencz for a couple days.   We also sat in on the Satellite Clinic and got to talk snowboarding with the crew.

rolling with the homies 


Jussi and Rencz like the name of this shop a lot :-) 

Satellite Clinic 

Satellite New and improved 

old binding stuff at Satellite 

the boys in Satellite 

Satellite Posse 

Chad O is a legend 

bros with George Carpenter 

getting their sign on 

packed house 

Alberta, kicking off the season

I went up to Alberta , Canada for some Snowboard clinics with the Crew up there.  Such a Beautiful area un near Banff, we did a clinic outside for Unlimited that was amazing.  I love talking about snowboards and the Sport, but it makes me so amped to ride.   Winter is coming quick.

Roadside Tussle

Corrigan mixing up some Pancakes

Mellow spot for Unlimited Clinic 

outdoor clinics rule 

Unlimited crew 

Easy Rider warehouse Clinic