Friday, August 9, 2013

Garage Project

Rob Machado is shaping surfboards.  He has always been really good with art and doing things with his hands.  Al Merrick has also been a huge influence on Rob and how he looks at Surfboards.  Now Rob is doing a project with Channel Islands Called the Garage Project.  Its basically a place where Rob can shape surfboards that come out of his Brain.   He can take a older Model that he used to ride and tweak it and make things new again.  Also He can put Art and Photos on the boards and make them Unique.   These are photos from his Launch party in Santa Barbara CI Store.


some of Robs Creations 

Crowd on hand 

Stoked Grom 

Al and Rob 

Al and Rob making people happy 

Todd Glaser photos of Rob 

Photos of Rob 

Style Master