Thursday, October 31, 2013

after school activities

Been getting in the ocean with my kids after school.  Its been so cool to see them come home and get their homework done so they can go surfing.  I am truly a proud papa, and just love being out there with them.  I think its about time to get them on a proper surf trip

Friday, October 18, 2013


Been traveling around parts of North America going to some good Burton Shop Clinics,  Also some Clinics at some of the Burton Showrooms.   Its always nice to be able to talk to Shop Employees about the Product,  but i'm starting to really get amped to ride and not just talk about it.   Hopefully I will be strapping in sometime soon.
penetrating the Ski Market Game 

oh man , getting sketchy 


Doyle Dropping knowledge 

Doyle and his Table of prototypes 

Love this guy 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boarding School

Burton "Boarding School" event back in Vermont.   Burton Flew in 70 Shop Staff from around North America for a couple days at the Headquarters,  and also to experience Jake's Fall Bash.   It was amazing to see people who have never been to Burton completely trip out on what was going on in Burlington Vermont,   From Talking to product people ,  getting a Tour of "Craigs" with Todd K and seeing boards get made, to bumping into Terje or Jake in the Hallway,  Its just all started to make sense to these Shop Staff that Burton is the Real Deal.   Kudos to all the Employees at Burton who made it an incredible experience to all who attended.

Billy Anderson is in the House

Todd K about to start the tour into Craigs 

Todd K talking about History

Boarding School 

Thunder laying up a Board

Bag Packing Games 

Gotta Challenge the Shop Staff with what they can eat 

More Games with Bags 

Alex Andrews in 5th Gear always 

Benny From Milo with a solo session in the Burton Bowl 

Doyles Man Cave

Doyle the Mad Scientist