Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Surfing the Wave Rave

had a pretty epic little early December morning out in the backcountry with Tim Gallager from Wave Rave. Looking forward to more days like this. Con-Artist and Landlord from the Family Tree line were perfect for the day.

surfing the WAVE RAVE from Dave Downing on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kevin Jones and I took some laps at Bear Mt.

DD and KJ Bear Mt from Dave Downing on Vimeo.

My good buddy Kevin Jones and I went up for a session at Bear Mt.  It is Dec 10 and even though there isn't much snow Bear Mt is holding some serious fun up there.   I've been a pass Holder at Bear for 22 years, This is Kevin's first pass and he is amped.   I'm 44 years old and i'm loving snowboarding more than ever.  :-)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

LA riglet event

Dillon, poser

glad i have this pin so i remember

shannon is artistic 

dewy gearing up the kids 

the scene 

carpet boarding at its finest 

warm up 


LA Burton Riglet event.  Small turnout, but the kids that came out were so stoked.

Mammoth / Trip

Family of 4 

Chair 12 Pow at Mammoth


hitting the rail 

Logan 9

Dillon 7

Logan trying a front board 

Clinic with Justin 

Kids were out of school, so i took the Family on a little trip up North,  Stopped in Mammoth to ride a day.  As always it was really windy, but super fun to ride pow with the kids.  Then Went up to Tahoe for some Clinics, and we rode Northstar.  My kids love those fun boxes almost as much as I do. :-) Great start to the Season.

Friday, November 16, 2012

1st demo of the year

Shred Posse

Demo scene

Jack working 


Good times 

First on-snow Demo of the year.  Loveland Pass colorado was holding some pretty decent snow.  Great for feeling your board out and riding / Testing boards.  Kevin Pearce and Jack Mitrani came out with me to shred.  It was really awesome to see Kevin riding and having so much fun.  Looking forward to some POW now. :-)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Active Riglet Park

Snowing in Temecula

setting it up 

Slurpee break 


the setup


Sand toys for the snow 

JP walker Camo influence 

Spider Man influence 

We did a Riglet kids event at Active Temecula.  It was 80F outside, but we brought in 7 tons of snow and made a little kids snowboard area right there in the parking lot.  It was epic to see these little kids, most of them were under 5 years old and their first time snowboarding.   Awesome to see so many smiles in one day.  :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012

So Cal Clinics

talking outerwear 

Dewy is ready to party

Dewy working out

kids learning

Dewy talking snowboards 

Always good talking about snowboards while its 80F.   All the Snowboard shops in So Cal are ready to go, hoping for some cold weather soon and snow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Utah Clinic time

Hit up some In-Store Clinics with Joe Rizzo and Alex Andrews in the Salt Lake City Area.   Starting to cool off in Salt Lake and Snow is just around the corner.   Also got in a fun skate at some of the Local SLC skateparks. 

Pizza man

Rizzo talking boots 

Alex Andrews back lip 

Rizzo talking boards 

Rizzo talking EST

Salty Posse 

hit up some In-Store Clinics with Joe Rizzo and Alex Andrews.   Starting to cool off in Salt Lake and Snow is just around the corner.   Also got in a fun skate at some of the Local SLC skateparks.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Bash 2012

Another year of the Fall Bash in Vermont is complete.  I'm still baffled that the Carpenters open up their house to 1,200 people to come enjoy themselves, Eat and get amped on the upcoming winter.  Really good vibes this year, Not as much rain as last year and some amazing Fall colors.  Retailers came in to the Office on Friday and got to see the Burton HQ and Craig's.  

Area 13 opening event 

Doyle explaining how he Breaks things in the Lab

Kevin Pearce talks about using a Helmet 

Todd K taking group on a tour 

Tunder lays up a board while JG explains 

KP , Vermont Local 

Killer hike with the crew

Up at a misty lake 

Fall Bash activities in the basement