Monday, March 17, 2014

Retailer Sales contest Heli trip Video

BC Heli trip from Dave Downing on Vimeo.

powder Mt BC Heli

Had a great day of Heli assist Pow complements of Powder Mountain Heli.  Canada retail sales contest winners were treated to a great day of fun,  JG, Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollors were there in the mix and i'd say we showed the Retailers a good day. :-)  

mark sollors, JG ,Mikkel Bang

mounting up 

Heli Load #1

endless Pow Pow 

JG,  "yoda"

Heli Picknick 

Family tree boards in their element 

Heli Load #2

JG is a happy dude when he's about to buckle in 

Warren from Easy Rider, and Mikkel Bang 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Little vid i shot with my iPhone 5s and Hitcase/ xcessories pole when i was at the Burton US OPEN at Vail riding with some Snowboard shop retailers.   Lots of Froth :-)

Retailers at US OPEN 14 from Dave Downing on Vimeo.

32nd Burton US OPEN

Vail hosted the 32nd Burton US OPEN. The Slopestyle riders had to deal with snow all day and i'm sure that sucked riding those jumps and rails,  but myself and the 30+ Retailers i was riding with were super stoked,  We had some great runs rallying around Vail with Joe Curtes as our Guide.  We ended up the Day with a Minturn Mile run down to get some Mexi Food with 71 people.  That was by far the biggest group i've even ventured into the backcountry with.  Thanks Jake for a Epic Event.

Shred posse


Top of the minturn mile 


tired puppies