Monday, February 25, 2013

Snowbasin demo

Gondola posse

Jeremy and Benny


Zak and Jeremy,  

Benny "What doesn't eveyone ride with a PBR"? 

Jeremy and Zak hanging around the Fire at the Tent 

Snowbasin Demo in Utah was great.  I was hoping for some Fresh snow that was in the Forecast but it never showed up.   The snow was still good for people to ride all the fresh boards from Burton and other Brands.  It was actually perfect snow for feeling your board out.  Zak Hale and Jeremy Jones showed up and we had a great time riding with People and Jeremy was trying out his new GoPro 3.  Lots of fun.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mt Bachlor/ Mammoth Demos

Matt from Tactics, and marc 

about to drop into some good trees 

Demo life 

top of Bachelor

Todd K is the man 

Bad Dads klassen and I 

Hiking back after a good run at Bachelor 

Joey McGuire is a shredder

Todd K , and my son Dillon 

Good weather and good times for the Mt Bachelor and Mammoth Mt on-snow demos.  Its much better to talk about snowboards when you are out on the mountain riding them, than standing at a tradeshow. :-)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mt Seymour

Couple days in Vancouver BC,  What an amazing city,  so beautiful , and Mt Seymour is so close which makes it really special.   Mt seymour is a really cool resort,  super mellow and a ton of little trannies to jump of of.  Reminds me of combining Mt Baker, Brighton, and Mt hood Meadows into a small resort.  Rode with a great group of people on Friday, then on Saturday we held a Analog rail event.   Kids were sending it for sure on the rails.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Nico Muller true snowboarding inspiration

Family tree Landlord split board

John J found a friend 

Volie/Burton pucks,,,  SparkR&D Magneto binding

Evan Rose in Marketing made some awesome stickers for the show 

My Feet Hurt from standing around all day at the Trade shows, But it was a great couple weeks at the OR show in Salt Lake and the SIA show in Denver.  Great to connect with people who love snowboarding.  The new split board from Burton was a big hit, and i had fun showing it to people.  The Spark R&D Magneto binding is epic.   Looking forward to getting back on the snow now :-)