Friday, June 26, 2015

Surf Demo time

Surfboards are expensive,  and finding the right board is hard sometimes when your  just listening to people talk about boards.  Its best to be able to try out the right model and size for yourself.  Channel Islands surfboards has a Demo tour where you can try before you go to the shop and buy.   I really love talking to people at these demos and getting them on the right board.  The Waves have been pretty fun this summer in So Cal and most of the Demos this year saw a great turnout of people looking to find that magic board.

Kalani robb stoking people 

Candy truck 

Stoked groms 

boards for everyone 


i love the gerrabit 

Bike gang showed up in Newport 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"into the wild" Nixon event at Woodward Boreal

Nixon put on a super cool Retailer event at Woodward Boreal.  Event is Snow , Skate and Mountain Man.   Everyone had a great time at Woodward Boreal.  Totally Board stepped up and the crew won each category and won the Overall.  It was super cool being at Boreal after the resort closed down for the year.  We had the place to ourselves.

Winning Axes

Squaw Valley "The Ledge" was there

Silver and Brady Lem 


gap to Boardslide 

only Nixon at Boreal today 

Little From Logan ripping the bowl setup 

Mountain Man 

Brady Lem and I sharing a Rail 

the Bowl setup 

throwing Axes 

Fun in the Cali Sun 


Miss Bottles 

Totally Board won 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The USOPEN at Vail this year enjoyed perfect event weather.  Sunny and no wind is perfect for Slopestyle and Pipe.   I had a blast riding around Vail with Retailers and following my buddy Joe Curtes around his Local Mountain.   We did a Minturn Mile run where we had 86 people and that was Nuts.  The Japanese riders brought the Heat and ended up taking 1st in Slope and Pipe.  Great Event.

chair shot

Joe Curtes and I with Retro Customs , Available Nov 2015 
20 years of Custom 

Tail grab photo,by Zach Nigro 


86 people before dropping into the Minturn Mile 

Gretchen and Deborah from Squaw 
Stretching and Texting 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pow Wow

There is a really cool event in Jackson Hole called the Pow Wow.   Rob Kingwill is the man putting on this event and its really cool.   Basically its just a bunch of people (120+) getting together to ride and enjoy some cool new Shapes from the 25 Brands that are there.   The Snow this year wasn't that great, but man it was fun riding around with People and getting people stoked on riding directional shape boards.  Hope Next year there is some deep Pow Pow :-)


Wood Fishes

Gentem snowboards

Gondola ride with Milosport dudes

Tim Shreddy Eddy

Me, Yoder, Eddy,Alex Andrews

Ed is from Spain, can you tell? 


Sunday, March 1, 2015


I've been split-boarding for a long time now.  I first discovered this gadget when i was living in Utah in 1995.   My Friend Brad Scheuffele was working at Salty Peaks at the time and they had a Voile Split-board as a demo.   I took it out in the Wasatch to a place i was Snowshoeing before and i was blown away at the ease of Skinning up instead of lifting your foot and climbing.  I got in like 5 runs and normally i would have gotten maybe 2.  Another Thing i was blown away was that the fact that you didn't have to carry your board up,,  The same thing you were using to climb up was the same thing you were riding down on.   I ended up Filming a Whole Video Part on a Burton Split-board for TB9.   I wanted to show people that these boards could be ridden in all typed of terrain in the backcountry.   Today I still Love when i get a chance to get out and skin around in the backcountry, but i don't get to do it as much as i'd like.  The new setup i'm riding is a Landlord split,  Hitchhiker bindings ( Colabaraton between Spark R&D and Burton ) G3 Skins and Black Diamond Poles.  The puck system with Volie/Burton for the Channel is so easy to adjust and get your correct stance.  These photos were from a Day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in early Feb 2015.


Skier going up 

selfie up top 

Snowboard mode 

Ski Mode 

Skinning up 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Retailer ON-snow Demo tour

I've been on the road for two weeks going to a bunch of Retailer On-snow demos.  People are loving the new 2016 Burton Hardgoods lineup.  (Colorado, Utah, Mammoth, Tahoe)  were all great demos with good snow and great People to ride with.  I love talking snowboarding with people on the Chairlift.  Best office in the world :-)
new Antler camber 

interesting people sometimes at demos 

Ben is Kelly Slater of Demos 

20 years of Custom 

loving the MFI hood, and M3 goggles 

Skipjack and MODfish 

Kris Berge, and Mark Wakeling atop Snowbasin, UT 

Wave Rave crew 

Surfside Sports crew 

Family tree