Friday, February 5, 2016

Tahoe Backcountry

I've been shown the ropes in the Backcountry from some of the Best in the world.   Being able to learn from a lot of my peers while filming for Standard Films and Mackdawg were some of the best days of my life.  Now, i get the chance sometimes to take some friends out in the Backcountry and show them that special place.   This has been a really good winter so far in Tahoe,  and after 4 years of meager conditions it has been awesome to ride some epic Tahoe Pow Pow.   George from Milosport in Auburn was a lucky guy to get conditions this good.  

all smiles 

Zach and George

George and i about to take another run 

Skeleton Keys ready to rip 

Snow was epic 

my buddy Dan 

backcountry posse 

pointing up to a line 

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  1. Hi Dave hope you're well. Going to Japan for 2 week this season :) Wanna get a pure powder board specifically for the trip – pretty much narrowed it down to Skeleton Key and the Skipjack (although the Fish is still at the back of my mind). What's thoughts on what's best for riding Niseko/Hakuba?

    Appreciate any advice, take it easy and have a great winter