Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stowe VT , in the Rain

I've had a lot of amazing days snowboarding in the last 20 years. I've become pretty much a snow snob, claiming that everything sucks that isn't 2 feet of powder and sunny skies. Today i realized something, I'm a kook. Actually, my friend Jake just reminded me that every day on snow riding a snowboard with friends should be cherished. He didn't even have to say anything about it. Jake does this to me every once in a while. He makes me go snowboarding in the worst conditions ever and it changes my mind as to what snowboarding is to me. We hiked Stowe , Vt in the rain with a few friends from Burton and Jakes Dogs. it was cold out and raining? How does that happen? It wasn't the best run i've ever had but i'm sure glad I took the hour to hike up and ride down. Thanks Jake
I hope if your reading this you get to ride your standup sled this Christmas Holiday season and remember to HAVE FUN, no matter what the conditions are.

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