Sunday, January 10, 2010

Analog "Design Unlikley Feature " Event

Sat Jan 9 was the unveiling of the Spaceship by Austin. Austin was the winner of the "Design Unlikely Feature " contest from Analog. It was a contest held on-line where people could submit a drawing of a Feature to be Built by the Bear Mountain crew.
Analog received about 350 entries. Some were super crazy, or very expensive and huge to build, but the winner was the spaceship by Austin. Its a super fun feature and allows riders of all levels to hit it and enjoy. Analog put on a riding contest on i,
and Austin who rips actually made the finals. The kids in the Finals were going off. Lots of good style jibbing going on.
New Analog team riders Alex Andrews and Zak Hale helped in the Judging. If you get the Chance , head up to Bear and shred the Spaceship.. Its Fun.

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