Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loveland Pass , Oct 27 2010

What a epic first day back on the snow today at Loveland Pass, Colorado. Its been snowing the last 5 or so days and i headed up there with some guys from Burton and some retail dudes.. So much fun. they opened up a couple runs and it was waist deep. Hope this winter keeps coming like this. I rode the NUG 42 all day,, I was tripping on it. Last year i was riding the NUG 46 for like two months,, and the NUG 48 Directional. Can't wait for my next powder day.

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  1. Yeah Dave! Getting it started off right! We got on snow at Hood yesterday for the first time. Can't say it looked as good as that though. Lifts are going to start spinning tomorrow at TLine! Viva La Nina! D