Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tahoe with Danny and Brock

Tahoe is going off. I haven't seen the backcountry this good in early Jan in a long time. I took Danny Davis and 11 year old Brock Crouch out to some of the goods in the Backcountry and rode blower Pow for two days. Danny's snowmobile caught on fire and almost burned to the ground, but we didn't let that stop us from having a totally epic day. I love taking younger guys out and getting their first taste of the Real deal. Danny is a real shredder and i know Craig Kelly would be proud to see another pipe guy rip powder. and Little Brock was foaming at the mouth at the top of every run. I love snowboarding. :-)


  1. looks like a good time. wish I would have been there.


  2. hey mr. dowing....saw your part in nations foundation and as a fellow Christian i am inspired about a person who can can be good at snowboarding and still keep his integrity and faith in Christ! the industry has so much hopelessness its great to see a person who is willing to share the hope we have in Christ!