Friday, March 9, 2012

squaw night mini shred


  1. NICE DAVE! You have always known how to make snowboarding look fun and get people stoked to go ride! Speaking of which I just watched North of Heaven the other day... Still my favorite flick

  2. Hi Dave!
    So much fun!!!
    Which board is it?

  3. cool! I see!
    Dave, where do you see the biggest difference between riding a nug and a root? I rode them both back to back in 52 today and don´t really get it.

    1. NUG is rocker, feels loose.
      Root is directional and Flat, I ride it free riding in powder.
      Harvest is NUG with Camber,, i ride that on hardpack.

  4. thx!
    hard to feel a major difference between the directional nug and the root! both rule in powder and still have great fun with the harvest on groomers!
    not sure yet, if I should stick more to the 47/48 or 51/52...?