Thursday, February 7, 2013


Nico Muller true snowboarding inspiration

Family tree Landlord split board

John J found a friend 

Volie/Burton pucks,,,  SparkR&D Magneto binding

Evan Rose in Marketing made some awesome stickers for the show 

My Feet Hurt from standing around all day at the Trade shows, But it was a great couple weeks at the OR show in Salt Lake and the SIA show in Denver.  Great to connect with people who love snowboarding.  The new split board from Burton was a big hit, and i had fun showing it to people.  The Spark R&D Magneto binding is epic.   Looking forward to getting back on the snow now :-)


  1. Dan,
    Is the Landlord split a 2014 board as I do not see it in the dealer catalogs?

    Thank You,
    Vermont USA

  2. the landlord is a early release board for 2015,, it should be in select stores and on the burton website this coming Nov

  3. DD, is Spark releasing those Family Tree Magneto's for midseason '14 as well? Just picked up the Landlord Split, it's a sick deck.

  4. I think going to tradeshows is very fun and cool.