Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family / Kids photoshoot in Tahoe

Spent the Week in Lake Tahoe with my Family.  We were there doing a Kids/Family photoshoot with the Jones Family for Burton.  I'm so happy to be able to ride with my kids, its one of the best things ever to see them love something that i love to do.  we checked out the Academy at Northstar, and I highly recommend sending someone there that wants to learn to snowboard.  Its $299 for a All Day experience that guarantees that you leave the day doing toe and heel turns.  Its such a cool setup.  there are no more than 4 people in a lesson.  I wish they had one of those places when i learned in 1990 :-).
oh, we also went to Woodward at Boreal, Needless to say my boys were freaking out.
Breakfast at the Burton House 

kids , stoked 


area 1 at the Academy at Northstar

learning about setting up your board at the Academy 

Logan is such a good big brother 

the Academy 

Dillon working on his 50 steeze after watching Jeremy 

Logan on the rainbow box 

Academy from the outside 

good travelers 

Logan working on his double corks

Logan kitted out 

Dillon Kitted out 


Shannon Training for Sochie 2014 

Dillon Launching off the "Cliff" 

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