Thursday, February 6, 2014

SIA 2014

SIA Colorado Tradeshow 2014.  This year was great having some snow on the ground in Denver for the Tradeshow.  Even though the snow has been horrible in California,  Most of the people at the show were fired up on snowboarding.  The On-snow Demo at Copper Mt was great and it was one of the busiest demos ever.  One Highlight of the trip was seeing good friends at the tradeshow, also i got to hook up with Joe Curtes and ride with him.  Joe and I were partners in the development of the Custom board and Burton has Been Selling it for 20 years.   The dude still rips hard and can turn a board that's for sure.

Romain, JP Soleberg, Mads

Joe Curtes and I on the lift 

boys the booth booming with the Nixon Blaster 

Joe from paragon 

first come first serve 

Joe Curtes and Emmet , #burtonlegacy

20 years of the Custom 

Chairlift Posse


  1. hi dave please one comment in my blog thank you very much of FRANCE (pyrenees) freeriding never stop


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  4. Hey this is the kid that won that LoveGames contest for Satellite boardshop, please email me with the dates for the trip or what ever is going down, trying to plan around that for the end of my season. Email me at