Monday, January 28, 2013

Craig Kelly 1966-2003

Craig Kelly taught me a lot,  He wasn't like a school teacher telling me what to do or anything.  He had a gift of teaching without really talking that much.  I learned so much from being with him and snowboarding behind him.   I also watched "Smooth Groove" over 1,000 times the first year i got into snowboarding.  
Jeff Pensiero, Co-Owner of Baldface Lodge 

Photo of Craig in my Cabin poking out a mean Melon

Tim Manning ready for "work"

Always remember 

JG and Terje with their Snow Surfers

 Morning commute

Heli Day 

Another Beautiful day at Baldface 

T Rice , Me, Terje, Lando

Baldface Lodge 

the new Craigs Cross 

Terje likes to have fun standing sideways 


This year 2013 was the 10 year of his passing, and I was fortunate enough to be invited up to Baldface in BC for an amazing trip.  Jeff P and the crew at Baldface have taken an idea that Craig had and made it really come to life.  The place is like Disneyland for Powder shredders.   Terje, JG and Tim Manning went up there with me , and we were also joined by Travis Rice and Mark Landvick.  We put up an amazing Cross above Baldface and shredded pow with Friends.   That's what Craig was all about.


  1. Smooth Groove is a classic! Can't believe it has been ten years...

  2. Dave, where i can i get that CK button? i'd really like to have one.

  3. JAF, sorry, but jeff P from baldface only made a few :-(

  4. I am 61 and never knew of Craig Kelly until I, just per chance, stumbled onto his documentary "Let It Ride". He haunts me in a way that is so touching. He lived this incredible fearless, or brave drive for being in the moment for his sport with such grace, a beautiful soul. I wish his family peace. Sage