Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Terje in Tahoe

Snow Surfer Bros

Family tree weapons

Terje about to launch

Cold Days in Tahoe are always good 

the office 

Terje is very good at Instagram

Terje snow surfing 

iphone pic of the master at the bottom of a line 


It was a pleasure to take my buddy Terje Haakonsen out to some of my Favorite Backcountry spots in Lake Tahoe.  I haven't ridden with Terje in almost 8 years, but we didn't miss a beat connecting with our vision of snowboarding.   We both like to just ride good , fun terrain that isn't life threatening.  After watching the grace and flow of my Norwegian friend i am convinced that he is the best snowboarder that has ever lived.  I'm not talking about the jumping and spinning the goes on,  but the on the snow board control this man has.  It was truly a Honor :-)



  2. you both are amazing riders.

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