Tuesday, March 5, 2013

US Open

US Open at Vail, Colorado.   I've been to many US opens and to be at the Vail Open and see the energy and the progression of snowboarding was awesome.  The Pipe was incredible.  I used to ride in the Open pipe at Stratton and at the time it was the best pipe ever,  but to see the perfection of this 22 foot pipe at vail with not a snowflake out of place was really incredible.  Riding Powder with some awesome people and then getting to stand on the Deck and watch Shaun fly over my head made for an amazing weekend.  Thanks Jake for the Epic event. 
So Extreme 

snowy Lift ride 

packed Gondola with Coffee :-)

about to drop into the Minturn Mile 

Shaun, Jake , Donna 

snow was awesome 

again, the snow was awesome :-) 

Shaun launching over Alex Andrews, ( No shirt needed ) 

Ayumu Hirano is the best 14 year old ive ever seen 

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