Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On Snow at loveland pass

First on snow demo of the year.  It was snowing and super cold at Loveland pass this year but i was really excited to get back on the snow.  Ben Ferguson was with me and i was so impressed with how that kid can ride and carve on a snowboard.  It makes me very happy to see a young kid at the age of 19 riding like that and carving all over the place.

snowy roads in denver 

Ben and I #20yearsofCustom

Ben relaxing after some runs

Best all around board ever 

Chairlift Selfie 

Demo life 

Chad Otterstrom Legend 


  1. Dave, what size Customs are you guys riding?

  2. ^ Nice!

    5'7''/140lbs. Looking at a cambered Custom as a daily driver (mostly Ice Coast groomers).

    Should I go 151 or 154?