Tuesday, December 2, 2014

trip to Vermont for the Burton Sales Meeting 2016

Great trip to Vermont for the Burton 2016 Sales Meeting.  Product groups kicked but and everything is looking on point and tight.  Stowe was kind enough to open the lifts for us for the day and we got to shred.  Burton people were stoked to have the mountain to themselves with no Skiers :-)  Looking forward to a great winter.
pulled the 55 first Custom off the wall,  
thing felt great 

sneak peek at the new 2016 Flight Attendant 

Thunder helping Alex Andrews make 
a board for himself 

myself, Alex ,TK, Zach

I like to Call JG "YODA" 


  1. Artwork on the Flight Attendant looks awesome. Any chance we get a sneak peek of the Custom?

  2. might steak a post of the custom after christmas :-)

  3. Any chance the con artist will come back in the line-up?

  4. yeah cool flight attendant for 2016

  5. custom mystery for 2016 ?????

  6. Dave, thanks for the updates. We filmed some videos together at SIA the past couple years. Can you hit me up info@mtnweekly.com

    Wanted to chat about surfing, snowboarding and Burton..

  7. Hi Dave,

    Happy New Year to you! Wanted to chat with you and figured I'd run into you in Mammoth. Haven't seen you and wanted to reach out. What's a good email to hit you up on? Best, marty

  8. Hi DD. trying to find out who was the artist for the 15-16 Flight Attendant and thought you might know. I'm a 25 year Toyota sleeper for snow and waves, and wanna thank the guy. BTW-The deck is OUTSTANDING and kills everything, couldn't have asked for it to be any better!