Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alberta Clinics

Just had a good trip to Canada.  I was up there supporting the Local Reps for Clinics at 3 awesome snowboard shops in the region.  The Source,  Unlimited, Easy Rider are all great shops up there with Great people.   I love talking to people who are passionate about snowboarding and the Product.  Sometimes the product can get a little Tech and overwhelming,  I just try to keep it simple.  While we were there i got my first look at Fresh snow this year while driving near Banff.  I'm looking forward to going up there with some more snow on the mountains.

Taylor , at The Source

Talking Anon 

Mark at the Source is a classic Shredder at Heart 

Awesome spot this year for the Unlimited Clinic 

Kids brought Sleeping bags cause it was cold 

First look at snow for the year

Warren from Easy Rider and Evan beginning the Clinic 

Evan Talking Boots at Easy Rider 


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  2. Do you drive products up there so your reps don't have to purchase the whole lineup?