Wednesday, September 16, 2015

El Nino

It has been a pretty incredible year for Fishing here in Southern California.  The water is incredibly warm this year, and that El Nino rumor is very true.  I hope it produces a epic snow winter this year here in California.   I grew up as a kid fishing with my Dad on his Boat.  He was a Scuba diver and fisherman,  he would fish for bottom fish a lot and also Abalone and Lobster.  The last two years i've been getting pretty stoked on fishing for Pelagic fish.  Good Tuna and Dorado a short distance from the coast this year has been awesome.  My freezer is Full

Logan with a Yellowfin

my boys love it 

Dillon Bendo

Bendo on the light gear

Death Box

Dillon caught this one 

Logan and his catch 

couple of good ones

Mahi Mahi 

Boys need to Eat 

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